mixie rebrand

About the Brand

 Webb Company was a generalist supplier but now has been reincarnated as a leading specialist in Health & Beauty products. 

A new brand name, look, and feel was a way to reinforce this new direction for the company. It needed to reflect the premium-quality products but without taking itself too seriously (pickle flavored lip balm anyone?) The final outcome has a sophisticated whimsy to it. It’s bright, fun, but well-polished all at the same time.   

The Logo

The Brief

    • Bright, modern, distinctive primary color not currently in the HPG brand palette – check
    • Include an icon that can be used for end-user-friendly branding – check
    • Bonus points for referencing what the company does – check (The ‘X’ is two test tubes)

The ‘Sparkles’

The sparkles represent cleanliness and freshness which pairs perfectly with personal care products. Isolating the icon allows us to brand samples and collateral in an end-user-friendly way. 

Brand Colors

Not too bright, not too pastel. We work with a modern palette that’s a tone or two away from neon.The distinctive palette was chosen in part to help our collateral jump out on a social feed or presentation slide but also because the products themselves can be as neutral as a clear liquid in a clear bottle. 


Digital Content

Graphic design and photography in this era needs to work across devices large and small. Our approach with Mixie was to prop light and leave plenty of negative space for distributors to leave their own mark within the content so it appears more integrated. Video content is the next frontier so we have developed B-roll using the same strategy. 

Corporate Stationery

This is an often overlooked brand opportunity. For Mixie we experimented with and discovered a way to scent our business cards and reinforce the value of a multi-sensory first impression. 


It is a challenge to design marketing collateral for an assortment you have to smell and taste to fully appreciate. Our approach with Mixie is to add more personality to the copy and use natural props to communicate the smell/flavor/natural ingredient story. 


Brand name, logo, design, photography by the HPG Marketing team in Danville, CA.

Thank you to the whole Mixie (formerly Webb) team for their help, feedback, grace, and patience throughout this rebranding process.